January 24, 2018

Dear Valued Patient:

As you are aware FamilyCare will be closing effective January 31, 2018. The Oregon Health Authority has been working with Health Share of Oregon, Willamette Valley Community Health, and Yamhill Community Care to transition members into their new CCO by February 1, 2018.

Although Health Share of Oregon has indicated that you are able to receive services previously authorized by FamilyCare here at New Horizons Wellness Services, LLC for an additional 90 days, our clinic IS NOT a contracted provider with Health Share of Oregon or the other CCOs. We have made numerous attempts to find out how we could become contracted providers, but have not been able to establish a contracted relationship with HealthShare or its physical health providers: CareOregon, Tuality Health Alliance, Providence or Kaiser. Therefore, after long and careful consideration, it is with great sadness and regret we are informing you that we will not continue to pursue being contracted providers with these CCOs.  As a result, we will no longer be able to provide you with occupational, speech, and mental health services. Our decision is based on not being contracted with your insurance provider and uncertainty regarding reimbursement for services rendered.  It is extremely important that you find a new therapy provider within the plan that you are assigned to. If you experience difficulty accessing services through your new plan, contact the plan or OHA.

Based on the information that our clinic has received, this is the status for services.

If your physical health services are contracted with CareOregon: We will be able to provide therapy services to you, your child, and/or family through February 28, 2018. However, for both Occupational and Speech Therapy, after January 31, 2018, all appointments after that date will be removed from the schedule.  You will need to contact our office to schedule new appointments.  It is important to note that your appointment day, time, and/or length may change.  

If your physical health services are contracted with Tuality Health Alliance, Providence, or Kaiser: We will not be able to provide services for you after January 31, 2018.  As a result, all appointments after that date will be cancelled and your treatment file will be closed.

If you will be transitioning to a different insurance carrier or would like to pursue services on a private pay basis please let us know.

We understand that this is a challenging time for you. It is also difficult for our staff as we have built relationships with many of you over the years. Once you are established with a new provider you can sign a Release of Information form to have your medical records faxed to that provider. By law, without a signed Release of Information form we cannot send a copy of your medical records to another provider.


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