It is officially ADHD Awareness Month (October 1 – 31), and there are so many ways to you can help spread awareness! While awareness about ADHD has certainly grown, we have a long way to go before we’re able to help individuals with ADHD everywhere. New Horizons Wellness Services believes one of the best ways we can extend the benefits of awareness is to provide the community with helpful resources. This year’s theme is “Knowing is Better: ADHD Across the Life Span.” Throughout the month we will be providing helpful information and resources, so stay posted!

Here are some websites that provide resources:

  1. CHADD–  is a membership organization with national and local resources.  The National Resource Center on ADHD (NRC)  is a program of CHADD and is a funded national clearinghouse for evidence-based information about ADHD.
  2. ADDA– The Attention Deficit Disorder Association. Adults with ADHD working together to reach for the stars

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