Speech and Language Pathology Clinical Fellow

Alaa received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences from Portland State University in 2014 and her Master of Science Degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Pacific University in 2017. She has experience providing speech therapy in a variety of settings including outpatient private practice, early intervention, elementary school, a cleft and craniofacial program, and an inpatient and outpatient pediatric hospital setting. Alaa provides services focused on addressing articulation disorders, receptive-expressive language disorders or delays, fluency disorders, oral-motor feeding and swallowing disorders, and cognitive delays or impairments. Alaa is passionate about working with individuals who stutter and enjoys teaching tools to facilitate fluency while also building self-acceptance and an understanding that “stuttering is ok.” She values parent collaboration and believes it is important to develop a strong rapport with clients and their families to better understand their values and concerns.

Alaa is a native Oregonian and outside of work she enjoys being outdoors, hiking, kayaking, and spending time with her family and friends.

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