Occupational Therapy Fieldwork Placement

Anna is currently an occupational therapy doctorate student (OTS) at Pacific University in Hillsboro Oregon and is excited to spend the summer with us. What drew her to occupational therapy and our clinic is that she strives to empower others through a client-centered, evidence-based, and holistic lens that communicates her belief and hope in them to conquer their goals.

She also loves to travel and has lived in South Africa and Russia. In South Africa, she completed an internship at a primary school working with an occupational therapist to develop and implement a visual motor integration program into the school to support learning. She also has completed volunteer hours under the supervision of an occupational therapist in Russia at a rehabilitation center for children. Here she taught them crafts and hobbies and learned how to adapt these to fit their needs. As well, she participated in groups teaching social skills through games and play.

She has grown up in the Pacific Northwest and she loves it here! She says that the area fits her active lifestyle. When she is not busy studying, she loves to hike, climb mountains, go running, play board/card games, do jigsaw puzzles, bake, and envelope her hands in clay at a pottery wheel.

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