At New Horizons Wellness Services, we are thrilled to have Occupational Therapist, Amita Kapoor OTR/L join our team. She brings with her extensive experience in working with children of all ages. She has additional specialized training in working with infants (pre-term/full term) and toddlers. These services are most often recommended for infants who have delayed development in fine motor skills and self-care, and who have difficulties with sensory processing. Specific diagnoses treated may include: 

Cerebral Palsy
Musculoskeletal issues including atypical posture
Delayed reflex integration and developmental motor milestones
Fluctuating muscle tone, hypotonia or hypertonia
Sensory processing impairment including vestibular dysfunction (poor head control, poor coordination of eyes, arousal issues, and decreased balance), tactile and auditory threshold tolerances (high or low)
Feeding limitations

Some of the treatment intervention and strategies that Amita practices with babies include:

Neuro-Developmental Treatment intervention including therapeutic handling, movement, and positioning
Sensory Processing
Facilitating motor and postural control, endurance, mobility, and balance (sitting and standing)
Increasing upper and lower extremity range of motion and coordination
Developing  visual tracking,visual motor skills, and awareness
Implementing sensory and play integrated therapy for improving sensory modulation and optimal interaction and engagement
Facilitating sleep cycle and routines
Kinesiology taping
Craniosacral Therapy
Oral-Motor skills and SOS Feeding

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