Summer Camps

Are you looking for summer camps?

New Horizons Wellness Services provides therapeutic summer camps to help children and teens learn and grow. Summer camp participants will develop social skills such as cooperation, sharing, listening and problem solving. We understand that children need structured programs in the summer. The emphasis of our camps is on participation,  building self-management skills and confidence, as well as classroom related skills and behaviors.

Our camps are staffed with experienced therapists and support staff, with a low camper to staff ratio. Camps have a 1:4 staff to camper ratio.  We offer various camps throughout the year in a fun, interactive environment.

Interacting with others in a supportive environment can strengthen needed social skills and encourage campers to try new things that are being modeled by their peers.  Camp activities work on self-regulation, play, and cooperation skills in a supportive community. Sports, recreational and movement activities build motor planning, coordination and balance. Sensory processing and fine motor skills are gained while campers have fun and build memories. With the help of our professional,clinical staff,  participants discover and develop strengths, interests, and hidden talents.


Schedules for 2019 Summer Camp

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