Language-Based Learning Disabilities: Speech Therapy Can Help!

Language-based learning disabilities are difficulties related to the understanding and use of spoken and written language.  With October being Learning Disability Awareness Month, it is important to look at the signs of this type of learning disability to determine if academic struggles may be due to language weaknesses.  Often children with reading problems have spoken language difficulties as well.  The ability to read and write is strongly influenced by the ability to understand and use language.  Language is basic to all subjects in school.  Language comprehension and the ability to communicate effectively are crucial skills needed to be successful throughout the day.  Speech-language treatment can be very beneficial for children with these needs to help target specific aspects of reading and writing that a child is missing.  Some examples of this are difficulties with comprehension, phonological awareness, oral expression, and vocabulary knowledge.  The American Speech and Hearing Association has a list of signs and symptoms of a language-based learning disability and suggestions of how to address these needs.

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