Miss Melissa’s Fall Sensory Inventions

Look each month for new ideas from Melissa Polensky COTA/L. She will be sharing great ideas for easy, fun and sensory rich activities that help to support occupational therapy and speech therapy goals.

School has started which means it’s time to make:
¾ cup cold water
1 cup Elmer’s glue
Liquid food coloring
½ cup hot water
1 teaspoon borax
Step 1: In bowl 1 – mix together the cold water, glue, and food coloring. set aside.
Step 2: In bowl 2 – mix together the hot water and borax, until the borax is completely dissolved.
Step 3: Slowly add glue mixture to borax mixture. mix well. pour off excess water.
What are the benefit of messy play?
-Encourages fine motor skills development
-Develops social skills
-Promotes creative learning
-Builds on investigation skills (cause and effect)

What can I do with the flubber?
-Stretch it out!
-Play hide-n-seek by placing small objects into the flubber!
-Roll out a snake!
-Form a ball!images
-Trace letters in the flubber with your fingers! (You can even write on it!)
-Blow flubber bubbles with a straw!
-Practice cutting with the flubber!

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