Our therapists work from an integrative model that draws from many different evidence-based approaches. We tailor our approach and design an individualized treatment plan to meet the unique needs of our patients by focusing treatment around purposeful activities. Client and family education is provided to establish home programs to increase functional skills beyond the clinic.

Fine motor coordination needed for reaching, grasping, handwriting, and keyboarding skills
Balance, motor planning, core strength, and postural control
Self care skills such as dressing and grooming
Independent living skills such as cooking and housekeeping
Community living skills such as money management, shopping, and transportation
Sensory processing and self regulation

Executive functioning, problem solving, direction following and transition skills
Visual perceptual and visual motor skills
Upper extremity limited range of motion, strength or function resulting from stroke, fractures or surgery
Feeding problems and help for picky eaters
Pain management and pacing strategies
Autism and ADHD