How To Keep Your Child’s Speech Articulation Therapy Progress From Slipping Over The Winter Break

How To Keep Your Child's Speech Articulation Therapy Progress From Slipping Over The Winter Break | NHWS | Mental Health Therapy Clinic

The winter break is coming up.

In fact, depending on when you read this, it may be already here, or long passed.

But regardless, the winter break is a time where, for many of us, our regular routines fall to the wayside in lieu of different events.

Your kids aren’t going to school.

Your career likely slows down, if it doesn’t pause altogether.

You’re spending more time inside than usual.

This year it’s because of COVID-19, but if you’re reading this in the future, it’s hopefully just because of the cold weather.

If your kids are doing speech therapy treatments for articulation, this is a time where you might scale back their appointments.

But speech therapy is an ongoing process.

Just like any pursuit, letting it slide for a few weeks can cause you to lose progress.

But it doesn’t have to.

Your Child Deserves A Break

If you had parents who pushed you to keep studying as hard during winter, summer, or spring breaks as you did during the school year, you might remember resenting them for it.

You work hard during the year, and you deserve some time to relax during the winter holidays – so do your kids.

Nobody expects you to pick up the slack where your child’s teachers, speech language pathologists, or other professionals leave off during the winter break.

But at the same time, it’s helpful to intersperse some short, limited lessons in with their leisure time.

That way, both you and your child can enjoy the winter holiday properly.

Speech Articulation Exercises For The Winter Break

Given that the winter break is two weeks long, we’ve broken the following activities into a fourteen day outline. These are short, simple activities you should be able to work fairly easily into your routine.

The focus when it comes to these exercises is not necessarily to push your child to progress further, but rather to prevent them from losing progress.

That way, they can return to school and speech therapy and continue to advance.

Week 1 Of Speech Articulation Exercises

Speech therapy for articulation issues often revolves around specific issues.

As a result, these activities are focused on helping your child continue to develop their articulation of their speech sound.

Sunday’s Speech Articulation Exercise

Have them read a book – or read a book to them if they’re too young to read on their own – and count the number of times their speech sound pops up.

Monday’s Speech Articulation Exercise

Sing a song with them that has a lot of their speech sounds in it.

You can choose a song they like, a song you like, or simply make one up.

This will give them an opportunity to practice their speech sounds, perhaps without even realizing it.

Tuesday’s Speech Articulation Exercise

Play a game – a board game, an imagination game, it doesn’t really matter the type – and have your child count the number of times they hear their speech sound.

Wednesday’s Speech Articulation Exercise

Invite a friend over for a play date, and have your child use their speech sound for at least 15 minutes.

You can even talk to their friend to get them in on what you’re doing and why.

children's speech therapy for articulation over the winter break | NHWS | Mental Health Therapy Clinic

Thursday’s Speech Articulation Exercise

This one might be the most relaxing for both of you.

Put on a movie, and have your child count the number of times they hear their speech sound.

Friday’s Speech Articulation Exercise

When it’s time to go to bed, put together a list of ten words that have your child’s speech sound in them, and have them say them.

Alternately, you can let your child lead here by letting them choose the words themselves.

Saturday’s Speech Articulation Exercise

Take a break today!

Everyone deserves a day off, and you’ve both earned it.

Week 2 Of Speech Articulation Exercises

After a week of this maintenance activity, your child should be able to maintain their progress, if not advance further.

The purpose for a new week’s worth of exercises isn’t necessarily to make further progress, rather to give your child some variety.

Feel free to swap each of these out on different days if it fits your schedule better – the point is to keep them working on their speech sounds.

Sunday’s Speech Articulation Exercises

This can be a fun way for your child to explore their surroundings.

Go through your house and have your child find 10 items that have their speech sound in it.

You can also do this while you’re at a store, which might make shopping trips more manageable.

Monday’s Speech Articulation Exercises

Kids can be quite funny!

Give your child a chance to strengthen their funny bone as well as their speech – have them tell a few jokes with their new speech sounds.

Tuesday’s Speech Articulation Exercises

If you find yourself in the car, play a game of I Spy.

But instead of a guessing game, have your child point out five different items that have their speech sound in it.

Wednesday’s Speech Articulation Exercises

Kids are natural born story tellers.

Being able to tell a good story will serve your child in so many different aspects of their life.

So having your child make up a story – even a silly one – while using their speech sounds will help with two different skills.

Thursday’s Speech Articulation Exercises

Pick a specific room in your house – your kitchen, your bathroom, your living room, whatever – and have your child point to five different items that have their speech sound in it.

It’s a good idea to choose a different area in the house than you chose for Sunday’s exercise.

Friday’s Speech Articulation Exercises

It’s time to flick on the tube.

Watch a tv show and have your child count how many times they hear their speech sound.

Saturday’s Speech Articulation Exercises

Take a break today!

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