Gifts that Support Growth and Development

If you are buying gifts for a special child in your life, you have an opportunity to provide a gift that will be both fun and enriching. As children play, they develop motor skills, visual processing and social skills. The right toy can help to provide your child with entertainment and help them to gain skills. Children’s toys can be useful for engaging a child with special needs to build attention and communication and teach developmental skills. So how do you know what to get? You can look at the resources below as a guide to help you.

The American Occupational Therapy Association offers an article with points to consider when picking toys. They have also provided a checklist to take shopping with you.  Spectrums Magazine offers a great article titled “Educational Toy Guide” in the current on-line issue. It offers specific toy ideas for children on the autism spectrum.

If you have additional questions about what toys might be best for your child, you can consult with his or her occupational therapist for ideas.
Happy shopping!

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