Characteristics of Children with ADHD

Children who have ADHD may experience difficulty concentrating and be impulsive or unable to sit still and pay attention. For children with ADHD the symptoms can  be distressing. ADHD symptoms often impact children’s performance at school, cause tension in families, and make it difficult for them to relate to their peers.

There are different types of ADHD and the symptoms can vary. Below is some helpful information on the common symptoms of ADHD in children.

1. Lack of focus (e.g., difficulty concentrating, easily distracted)

2. Disorganized (e.g., problems getting organized, difficulty prioritizing)

3. Restlessness (e.g., difficulty staying still for a long time, fidgeting)

4. Forgetfulness (e.g., trouble remembering tasks)

5. Lack of motivation (e.g., problems getting started and completing tasks)

6. Impulsiveness (e.g., interrupting others, acting without thinking first)

7. Emotional dyscontrol (e.g., being impatient, easily frustrated).

We offer testing for ADHD, as well as counseling and social skills groups to help children cope with symptoms of ADHD. If you or someone you know would like more information contact our office at (503) 352-0240.

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