Parenting a Child with ADHD: Tips for Chores

Children with ADHD generally resist engaging in tasks that they do not find stimulating, exciting, and fun. In general, most children do not like chores because they are not fun. As a result, arguments over chores, and subsequently reprimands, are all too common. However, power struggles over chores can be minimized if you keep in mind that children with ADHD have limited attention and a low tolerance for activities that are boring. In addition, they have a high need to instant rewards. Keeping this in mind will enable you to craft chores that are short in duration or broken down into several small steps, steps are completed one at a time, and followed by immediate rewards. It is important to utilize rewards that have meaning to your child. Here are some helpful tips to make chore time easier.

  1. Rewarding your child for completing chores is an effective way of teach her that hard work has its benefits. It is helpful to use a chart that lists the chores and their assigned point values. For younger children use a picture chore chart instead of words.
  2. The chore chart should be placed in a location where your child can easily see it and monitor her progress.
  3. You should have your child log her points immediately after completing each chore. This will provide immediate positive feedback and helps to maintain motivation.
  4.  Points can be exchanged for things such as screen time, going to the park, or engaging in other fun activities or outings.
  5. It is important to remember that your child should be allow to exchange point once her chores are completed.
  6. Do not expect that your child will be able to complete chores on her own. She will require your guidance. It is important to praise your child as she completes each step of a chore.

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