If your child is experiencing 3 or more problems identified below, occupational therapy intervention may be helpful.

  1. Difficulty focusing attention (or over-focused) and unable to shift to next task.
  2. Low muscle tone; tends to lean on arms or slumps at desk.
  3. Needs more practice then other children to learn new skills.
  4. Reverses letters such as b and d and/or can’t space letters/words on the lines.
  5. Breaks pencils frequently or writes with heavy pressure.
  6. Does not enjoy jumping, swinging, or having feet off the ground.
  7. Poor handwriting, tires quickly during written class work.
  8. Difficulty paying attention or following instructions.
  9. Overly active, unable to slow down.
  10. Poor self-esteem, lack of self-confidence.
  11. Dislikes swimming, bathing, hugs, and/or haircuts.
  12. Over-reacts to touch, tastes, sounds, or odors.
  13. Avoids physical education or sports activities.
  14. Finds it difficulty to make friends with peers of the same age, prefers to interact with adults or younger children rather than with children of the same age.
  15. Difficulty following multiple step instructions for motor tasks.
  16. Difficulty tying shoes or manipulating buttons, snaps, or zippers.
  17. Appears clumsy; falls or trips frequently.
  18. Poor organization or difficulty keeping materials together in/around desk, backpack, or work area.
  19. Difficulty cutting or coloring inside the lines.

We offer occupational therapy for pediatric(child and adolescent) and adult patients. Please feel free to contact us for more information at 503-352-0240.

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