Building Social Skills for Children with ADHD

Social skills development is an essential part of childhood. However, children with ADHD often experience delays in their social maturation when compared to their peers. This is why we are offering an 8 week group which provides children with the basic skills required to improve their social competence, decision making, and self-regulation. Developing these skills will not only assist your child in improving his/her relationships with peers and friends, but also increase self-esteem, providing them with a sense of acceptance and accomplishment.

The most common misperception about ADHD is that it is a “behavior” problem – that children actually have a choice in the matter and are just choosing not to “try hard enough.” Sometimes parents and teachers make the mistake of attributing a child’s misbehavior or inattention in the classroom to laziness or bad behavior. Other times, parents themselves are blamed for not being able to “control” their child. The truth of the matter is that ADD is a neurological disorder that requires a comprehensive treatment plan.

Our Fall social skills groups begin in October. Registration for our social skills groups are limited, so reserve your spot for one our groups today.

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